Fix Broken or Corrupt .mp4 .mov Videos Files

Fix Broken or Corrupt .mp4 .mov Videos Files
Best video repair tool to fix broken or corrupt video files:

fix corrupt .mp4 .mov video file
fix broken .mp4 .mov video file
.mp4 .mov broken video file fix
.mp4 .mov corrupt video file fix
corrupt .mp4 .mov broken .mp4 .mov

If this fix does not work here is other fixing software:

Download fixing program:

Copy and paste the broken or corrupt .mp4 into another folder. rename both broken or corrupt .mp4 videos to v1.mp4 and v2.mp4

Open command prompt and change directory (cd) to where your broken or corrupt .mp4 is located.

Type copy/b v1.mp4+v2.mp4 then hit enter.
The v1.mp4 is now doubled in size and is still corrupt or broken.

Select the doubled corrupt or broken v1.mp4 in the software.
Select a smaller other video to be a sample from the same camera.

Click Scan and wait.

Your broken and corrupt .mp4 is now fixed.

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