Troubleshooting STOP Errors Part 1

STOP errors are the most common type of Windows errors occurring on a Win XP based computer. There are different possible causes leading to STOP errors and accordingly have different routes of troubleshooting with them.

One of the STOP errors occurs when an incorrect memory address is used by a drive. Some other possible reasons for this kind of error are general hardware issues, or a device driver that is incompatible, or even an incompatible software.

In such a situation initially look out for any other issues with hardware. Start with removing any new hardware that was installed recently before the issue occurred. Remove every adapter and connected hardware devices that are not completely necessary for starting the computer.

Driver rollback should be performed if a driver got updated for any component in particular. Every third party software and drivers should be examined. If possible use the Last Known Good Configuration option in Windows.

If you can get the system to boot in SAFE MODE use the System Restore feature of Win XP to repair the installation of XP.

You need to follow up with every possible cause of the error related to any recent software or hardware changes that could have occurred.

To eliminate the reason behind this STOP error a stepwise approach is extremely necessary.

STOP errors always come with an alphanumeric error code. In case a manual stepwise approach from your end is not enough to solve the issue, you can always try out the Microsoft Help & Support Center online for any further reference with the error code.

In case that does not help much, you can always refer to Google for further results on troubleshooting on the error.

The common STOP error that occurs due to any possible software or hardware changes or driver alterations is known as "0x0000007B".


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